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Australian Musicians and the Trend of Online Slots

Neon Tetra is an Australian music band. It consists of Harry Marshall (guitar/vocals), Sam Twidale (bass/vocals), and Jack Fenby (drums). They have released two EPs, "Pollen" (2018) and "Jealous Love" (2022). 

All members of the band are going to create their own online slots. The trend is becoming more and more popular among Australian musicians, Sol Casino statisticians state. According to artists, they want to spread their names through Internet games of chance. So, let’s learn more about it.

A Synergy of Entertainment 

Music and games are universal forms of entertainment. By combining the two, performers tap into a new audience segment. Fans get to enjoy a game centred around their favourite artist, complete with familiar symbols, album artwork, and, of course, music. For a casual player unaware of the artist, a fun game experience could lead to exploring the musician's work.

A Unique Branding Opportunity 

In an age where digital presence is crucial, online slots offer a distinctive branding platform. Sol Casino operators assert that the aesthetics, music, and overall feel of the slot play can reflect the performer’s brand, offering an immersive experience. It's a marketing strategy that goes beyond conventional social media or music platforms.

Direct Engagement with Fans

These plays offer interactivity. Fans aren’t just passive listeners; they are active participants in a game world crafted around their favourite artists. This interaction creates a deeper bond. Special features or bonus rounds in the performance can be designed around significant moments from the musician's career, offering both nostalgia and engagement.

A New Revenue Stream

The tune industry, while lucrative, is also unpredictable. Sales from albums and singles, Sol Casino dealers note, can fluctuate, and touring, though profitable, is not always feasible. Internet slots present an additional revenue stream. Collaborations with interactive platforms can include upfront payments, revenue shares, or both, providing financial stability.

Global Reach

Virtual clubs attract people from all over the world. For Australian performers looking to expand their international fan base, this is a golden opportunity. A player from Europe or North America, for instance, might get introduced to an Aussie artist through a slot game, leading to more global streams and sales.

Collaboration with Game Developers

Australia boasts a burgeoning play development scene. Sol Casino marketers say that by venturing into these performances, musicians can collaborate with local developers, fostering a synergy that benefits both industries. It's a win-win situation – game developers get to work with big names, while musicians receive a quality product.

Adapting to the Digital Age

With the rise of streaming platforms and the decline of physical sales, artists need to be innovative. The performances represent this willingness to adapt and evolve. By embracing new digital frontiers, musicians show that they are in tune with contemporary trends, making them more relatable to the younger audience.

The fusion of tunes and Internet games, particularly slots, might seem unconventional. However, Sol Casino assistants note, as Australian musicians have shown, it’s a strategic move with numerous benefits. From branding to fan engagement to revenue generation, the possibilities are vast. As the digital age progresses, such innovative ventures are set to become more common, and artists from the country are leading the charge, turning the spotlight both on their tunes and the spinning reels.


released December 18, 2020


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Neon Tetra image

Neon Tetra Adelaide, Australia

Neon Tetra have returned with a defining new single to herald a new era for the band in the bright and luscious ‘Jealous Love’. Bringing together an insatiable groove with fun lyricism and melodic strength, the band are in their element and at ease on record. The dynamism of Neon Tetra is on full display with ‘Jealous Love’ - this is a band who has just kept going from strength to strength. ... more

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